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Jareth was at this point accustom to hearing the repetitiveness of his roommate’s organ, signifying another sleepless night for the masked composer. So when the Goblin King entered the apartment, he heard nothing. James had mentioned going out with Eponine for the evening-more than likely also the night. Javert had been called away, something that was “none of his business” upon asking the former inspector. With everyone out, Erik was known to normally compose his work during this time. The only one the Opera Ghost didn’t seem to pay mind to disturbing was Jareth.
But no resounding overture was heard in the apartment.
“Erik?” Jareth called, glancing around the vacant space. No reply, “Hello?”
Still no answer. Something was up, it was never calm and quiet in this apartment. Call it paranoia, but from all of their backgrounds calm and quiet was the last thing the four flatmates could be classified as.  
Erik wasn’t one to leave t
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New Production
Once more I'm at it again! This one took considerable time to finish. Now some of the songs and scenes mentioned I just took snippets out of so it doesn't overshadow the story too much. Sadly I have yet to see PotO live and only clips of the more famous productions of it. So the dialogue and scene snippets I referenced from the 25th anniversary at RAH edition (as that and the 2004 film are the only versions I've seen the entirety of). As for which voice Erik uses I leave up to interpretation. As Crawford is my all time favorite I personally envision it being between his and Karimloo's during Angry!Phantom moments, but that's just me.
Also for the idea of this story this is set after Mag has regained her eyesight, referenced in another story I've written 'Blindspot'
And now enough of my blabbing!

'Italics' = Song/Writing
'Italics, underline = Flashback
"Alright, that will be all for today," Erik announced to the class, "Remember, there will be a review on Friday!"
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Your Obedient Servant, O.G by Traillbits Your Obedient Servant, O.G :icontraillbits:Traillbits 2 0
It was ten minutes to nine that morning. Normally Erik Destler by this point during his weekend off would be locked away in his room composing.
But instead the masked maestro was pacing rather impatiently in the sitting room.
Jareth sighed, watching his roommate. "She'll show up, don't overreact."
Still Erik kept pacing back and forth methodically. It was obvious to the Goblin King that Erik was completely hung up on this woman. Ever since he, James, and Javert watched the two exit the elevator together the other day. Something about the way the masked man spoke to her and she to him. And the lack of arias drifting through the quiet air, and his roommates anxiousness doubled that suspicion.
And even moreso the fact that Jareth was still lounged in his boxers, draped across the couch, and hadn't heard a single protest of 'indecency' from the Frenchman.
"It's one date." The blond tried to enforce, it wasn't natural for Erik to be so on edge. And with his not so spotless track record, wor
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Stockholm Syndrome
So this is an idea I had when speaking to a fellow Fanfictionist and deviantartist :iconKittySkywalker: about Alucard and the status of his servitude. We have debated recently about Alucard forcibly being put into Abraham Van Helsing's slavery in cruel torturous conditions. With this theory it's possible and I agree likely that Alucard has suffered from Stockholm Syndrome as he is in a sense a captive and slave to the Hellsing family line. So this is a third person interpretation of that. This is for you too Kitty!
Disclaimer: Do I really have to say I don't own Hellsing anymore? Isn't it sadly obvious :(

Stockholm Syndrome
Stockholm syndrome, or capture bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack
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Love is in the Air at Columbine High
AN: Okay, so recently I've been really obsessed with the Columbine Massacre and learning more about the shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. This was something I thought of while looking at the webpage .com. It was interesting seeing the boys drawings, and thought in their writing. Specifically in Dylan's he wrote in many entries that he was in love with a Columbine student he briefly knew. In one entry he wrote her a love letter. The points in italics are word for word from the letter found on acolumbinesite if anyone wishes to read the entire thing. Let me just say I can't forgive them for what they did, but I don't label them as monsters, they were just missunderstood kids who did something stupid. Now this story doesn't mean I think if he sent the letter to her this would happen if he and the girl were together. But I feel Dylan was more of the follower and some events went the way they did then maybe he wouldn't have joined in the bloodshed. So that's my explanation. The gir
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Let a Sleeping Dog Lie by Traillbits Let a Sleeping Dog Lie :icontraillbits:Traillbits 1 0


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Down Once More Translated
Subliminal messages abound in The Phantom of the Opera. Some are so entwined in such carefully constructed, phallic metaphors, that it may be difficult to sift through the passionate web of angst and decipher the lyrics' true meanings. So here, for your clarity, I have provided a translation of some of the musical's most elaborate lyrics. The original lyrics will be italicized, while the translations will not. It is my desire that your next viewing of Phantom should be an enlightened one, and my sincerest hope that these translations will clear up any confusion.
"Down Once More"
PHANTOM: Down once more to the dungeons of my black despair!
(I am using hyperbolic metaphors that make me the patron saint of emos everywhere.)
Down we plunge to the prison of my mind!
(Have you, perchance, ever heard of schizophrenia? Because I think I may have it, along with a medley of other psychological disorders that would make a therapist salivate.)
Down that path
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Jareth was at this point accustom to hearing the repetitiveness of his roommate’s organ, signifying another sleepless night for the masked composer. So when the Goblin King entered the apartment, he heard nothing. James had mentioned going out with Eponine for the evening-more than likely also the night. Javert had been called away, something that was “none of his business” upon asking the former inspector. With everyone out, Erik was known to normally compose his work during this time. The only one the Opera Ghost didn’t seem to pay mind to disturbing was Jareth.

But no resounding overture was heard in the apartment.

“Erik?” Jareth called, glancing around the vacant space. No reply, “Hello?”

Still no answer. Something was up, it was never calm and quiet in this apartment. Call it paranoia, but from all of their backgrounds calm and quiet was the last thing the four flatmates could be classified as.  

Erik wasn’t one to leave the apartment unless it were for work or some sort of important matter. Just as he dwelled under the Opera Populaire for years on end, he had been slowly becoming a hermit in his room as of late between his music and work at the university.

Cautiously Jareth knocked, “Erik?”

He couldn’t hear music drifting through the walls, but he could hear some rustling on the other side. Knocking again, Jareth all the more concerned for his roommate. While they had their share of bickers and complaints with each other, the reclusive Phantom was his friend.

“Erik, open up” Jareth scowled. “Fine then.”

With a sigh the blond Goblin King pulled out one of his crystals, appearing on the other side of the door. As of lately Jareth restrained himself on popping up in his roommates personal space-and especially as last time he did so in Erik’s room, he nearly fell down into that confangled torture chamber. But it wasn’t a rule that he was forbade from doing so.

Jareth sighed relieved seeing Erik’s familiar frame seated in front of the enormous pipe organ. But instead the masked composer was busy scrawling down sheet music with an unsteady hand.

“Everything okay?” Jareth asked, feeling a sense of nervousness emanating from him.

“It’s Mag,” Eric mumbled, “Christine called saying she was with Ms. Wallace and Magdalene at the hospital.”

“What’s happened? Not that Amber’s doing?”

Erik shook his head, “No, that gutter snipe nor any of the Largos are behind it, at least that’s what I was told. Christine wouldn’t say much, ‘not wanting me to freak out’ as she put it.”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t be freaking out.” Jareth said, glancing down at the sheet music. Picking up the papers the Goblin King could see how uneven and shakily written the score was. Nothing like what Eric would produce on a good day.

“Erik,” Jareth glanced down at the pile of similarly scribbled sheet music, “When’s the last time you slept?”

“That’s nothing for you to be concerned about Jareth,” The masked maestro grumbled.

“I think it is O.G” The blond replied, scowling “You of all people should know that getting worked up over something out of your control won’t help.”

The Phantom simply scoffed, turning back to his organ, fingers gliding across the keys.

“I’ll sleep after I’m finished,” Jareth wasn’t dumb enough to believe his estranged roommate.

The Goblin King sighed, slowly walking up to Erik, “Have it your way.”

Erik could sense that something was amiss. Always having a Punjab lasso close by, he turned noose in hand. “Jareth don’t you d-“

But the orb had already struck the Opera Ghost’s cranium. He slumped on his seat, the instrument making a deftly noise as Erik’s head contacted with the organ keys.

“Sweet dreams,” Jareth said, with his luck that spell should keep Erik knocked out for a couple of hours. Now with one less thing to be concerned about, maybe he could figure out what was going on.


Christine and Shilo sat in the waiting room, the former more on edge.

“She’ll be ok yes? It’s safe?” Christine asked nervously.

Shilo nodded, “Dad’s a pro, she’s totally safe.”

The blonde soprano still felt uneasy, Nathan Wallace didn’t exactly have a clean tract record.

“You’re trusting a man whom ripped out repossessed organs for a living?” Jareth’s voice emanated, as he materialized from a cloud of smoke and glitter.

Shilo was mildly startled by the Goblin King’s sudden appearance, but Christine seemed mildly annoyed.

“I told Erik not to worry,” She sighed

“And you honestly thought that would work Ms. Daee?” He sighed “Relax, he should be passed out for a few hours, nothing to fear.”

“Mag’s in surgery, if that’s why you’re here,” Christine answered. “It’s nothing life threatening.”

“Under Dr. Wallace’s care? I’m skeptical of that.”

Shilo frowned, “Hey! Dad doesn’t work for Geneco anymore.”

“And why does Ms. Defoe need surgery exactly if it’s not an emergency?” Jareth asked.

“Mag wanted it to be a secret,” Shilo said, looking away. “She said she wasn’t concerned about having it done, but dad said he wanted to…to make up for what she lost.”

Jareth nodded, “I see why you didn’t tell Erik.”

Christine shook her head, “She’s been so accepting of him. But she’s never seen him, I don’t think she’d have a change of heart-I’m hoping she won’t-but he’d jump to conclusions at the idea.”

Jareth frowned, “Well let’s just hope that Ms. Defoe’s happy with what she’ll be able to see. Last thing anyone wants is more falling chandeliers.”


Groggily, Erik sat up finally rousing awake. Of course he should of seen that one coming, leave it to Jareth.

What time exactly was it?

The masked maetro rose from his seat, heading down the hall. It was already half past nine, he could hear James in the main room, tuned into yet another episode of ‘Devious Gingers’. James only just perked his head up to Erik’s presence at the table when he heard the scribbling of a pen.

“Bit late for letters?”* James asked

“Jareth’s doing,” Erik mumbled.

“So I guess this means you finally got some rest?” Noting how on and off the composer’s music had been keeping the apartment’s residence awake throughout the last two nights.

Erik didn’t answer, simply continued writing. By now the (former) commodore knew when the masked man needed some space and turned back to the television.

Both men glanced up hearing a knock at the door.

James got up, “Odd, ’Pony must have forgotten something.” While the apartment had seen many strange guests, it usually wasn’t this late.

“Faut-il faire ça ?!” Erik scowled, smacking down the pen in frustration as Jareth appeared once more in the apartment, now seated adjacent to the Opera Ghost. He crumpled the unfinished letter, replacing it with a fresh sheet. No way would the Phantom of the Opera send any such note covered in glitter!

“Look Erik, there’s something you should know.” Jareth was saying, in a rarely serious demeanour.

Even still Erik didn’t look up at the Goblin King as he continued to scribble away. Interruptions thy name was Jareth. “Is the Underground under siege again?”

“No I-“

“Has the Pale man returned?”

“No (Thankfully)! Listen just-“

“Then I’m sure it can wait.”

Jareth was not looking for any sort of sass, that was after all HIS area of expertise.

“Will you just listen-!”

“Ahem,” James voiced, clearing his throat. “If you’re done-“

“Not exactly,” Jareth pouted.

“Erik, Mag’s at the door.”

At this the Opera Ghost finally perked his head up from the calligraphic letter.

Norrington sighed, hopping back down onto the couch. “Maybe now I can finally watch the season finale!”

A smile graced Erik’s faced walking to the ajar door. “Mag, j'avoue que j'étais inquiet. Is everything ok-?”

But when the masked maestro’s eyes laid upon her he paused.

Moreso when his eyes looked upon hers.

Mag greeted him with a warm smile, obviously expecting the shock that she could see on his face.

“I know it’s late, but I wanted you to know about it after Nathan dismissed me,” The (former) Geneco soprano said.

So many words and questions spiralled through Erik’s mind but no sound. Finally he coughed awkwardly.

“Why d-don’t we talk inside if you have a few minutes?” He asked, inviting Mag inside.

Jareth heard them go down the hall and Erik’s door click closed, turning to James.

“You don’t seem at all surprised at Mag’s sight returning?” The blond asked

“’Pony told me earlier today,” James replied,

“You knew??”

“Most of us did, why do you think Javert’s been away for during the last two nights? Az and Crowley needed someone to set up bugs in the apartment in case Erik left in a panic. Last thing the hospital needed was a masked musically inclined maniac on the loose.”


Erik was seated at his organ again, but his hands hung loose at his sides. Mag seated next to the Opera Ghost.

“If you must ask it you can, but this doesn’t change anything,” She said seeing a sense of dread in his eyes.

“Of course it must,” Erik sulked. He didn’t to look up to tell that she frowned hearing him say this. The masked man sighed, “I apologize mademoiselle, I don’t mean to say I’m not enthusiastic for your eyesight being restored.

On the contrary, if anything the Opera Ghost was entranced by her eyes as blue as pure sapphires. It was just the thought of those eyes recoiling if she were to see his face. Even if her storyline had exposed the dark haired soprano to grotesque post surgery imagery, the thought of anyone seeing him unmasked frightened him to no end.

Or in the very least before someone Eric didn’t want to lose.

Mag shook her head, “Erik, you can’t possibly think me to be that vain. I know you’ve seen fear or disgust in the past. But you just need to understand something…” She paused.

“I’m not just another Christine about to run,” She said, slipping her hand over his. True she had no past quarrel with Erik’s past love interest, albeit Ms. Daee was a pleasant girl with a talented career ahead. But not even in the Genetic Operas was anyone shown the cruelty Erik had unfortunately endured for something out of his control. Even when Amber’s face quite literally fell off she got more boo’s rather for ruining the performance than a single shriek of terror.

The Phantom could not help but sigh at her touch, caressing his unscathed cheek. Scooting closer Mag ever so lightly kissed Erik as he let his eyes drift close. Their lips lingered there until Erik leaned in closer not wanting to lose her fair touch.

But his eyes snapped open as the Opera Ghost pulled away, feeling Mag’s thumb drift under the porcelain mask.

Mag didn’t go further but her hand remained over the concealed side of his face.

“Voulez-vous confiance en moi?” She asked. Her French wasn’t spot on, but she wanted to learn for Erik, seeking on the side lessons.

Deep blue eyes met his own, as Erik inhaled a long breath.

“Oui,” He said somewhere between acceptance and dread.

The musical maestro could feel cool air on his skin as with a reassuring smile to him, Mag removed the white porcelain mask. She set atop the organ keys looking back up Erik, whom felt frozen in place. Mag’s eyes roamed over the misshaped ridges and reddened skin along the side of his face, sapphire eyes taking in each detail.

Mag wasn’t a fool, she already knew how the final act went down once her Phantom had been unmasked and that it wasn’t a pleasant sight to so many. But she was also aware of how prejudice his own plotline was. Hers was not too much better where anyone who was anybody was getting a new surgery and looks even in the not too distant future were everything.

Both needed to leave such plotlines in the past, not to forgot but to move on and to make and share a new one.

Mag grasped Erik’s hands in her own, “I’m not going anywhere.”

The Opera Ghost felt his shoulder slackened ever so slightly, but had no words. It wasn’t a quick fix, they both knew it would take time. But feeling his fingers interlock with hers told the soprano that Erik was willing to try.
Another little ErikxMag drabble. What if Mag regained her eyesight? Would anything change between she and the Opera Ghost? Bad with summaries XD

Erik and Christine belong to Leroux and Webber.

Jareth and Sarah belong to Henson, Lucas, and Bowie.
Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
Javert belongs to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.

Roommates belongs to :iconasherhyder:
Once more I'm at it again! This one took considerable time to finish. Now some of the songs and scenes mentioned I just took snippets out of so it doesn't overshadow the story too much. Sadly I have yet to see PotO live and only clips of the more famous productions of it. So the dialogue and scene snippets I referenced from the 25th anniversary at RAH edition (as that and the 2004 film are the only versions I've seen the entirety of). As for which voice Erik uses I leave up to interpretation. As Crawford is my all time favorite I personally envision it being between his and Karimloo's during Angry!Phantom moments, but that's just me.

Also for the idea of this story this is set after Mag has regained her eyesight, referenced in another story I've written 'Blindspot'

And now enough of my blabbing!

'Italics' = Song/Writing

'Italics, underline = Flashback

"Alright, that will be all for today," Erik announced to the class, "Remember, there will be a review on Friday!"

The class hustled and bustled out the door, finalising yet another day.

Erik was marking over handed in assignments, humming absentmindedly, when a knock came at the door.

"Come in," The Opera Ghost called, not bothering to glance up from his papers as Professor Walker stepped in.

"Afternoon Erik," Roy greeted him.

"Et vous Walker,"

"You heard the drama departments announcement? You must be thrilled."

"I'm not sure I would say thrilled," Erik mumbled, continuing to grade the papers.

"I don't understand? Didn't Christian talk to you yet?" Roy asked, confused.

Erik stopped, setting the pen down. "Should he have?"

"Actually yeah, it's your show's thirty year mark! Christian's part of the directorial this year, said he was looking for you to give them a hand. If you were interested."

Turning to the stuntman, Roy had Erik's attention.

"Must say I'm flattered,"

"Yeah, after last year's I think they were regretting not asking you beforehand." Roy joked but his laughter faded seeing the Phantom grimace at the memory of that dreaded sequel.*

"Indeed." Erik nodded, considering the offer. "Is anyone still in the auditorium?"


"Well at least this year you're not in such a sour mood." James remarked.

"An ego boost will do that," Jareth smirked.

"It's not an ego boost," Erik defended, "The drama department simply asked if I would help them with their show, and I said yes."

"And casted you."

The Opera Ghost shrugged with a cool smile, "Is it my fault they asked? It is after all my story."

James laughed off his masked friend's smugness, "Well congratulations at least. Has anyone else been roped in yet?"

Erik shook his head, "Not yet, when I was over there today they were getting ready for other auditions. They just announced it last week so only a few have already gone through."

"Did they ask Christine?"

"I'm not sure, I didn't see her there. But they want me there to oversee further auditions for the remaining cast." Erik explained "So our paths may cross."


"Excellent! We'll be in touch madam," Christian called, jotting a note down.

"Thank you," The fair haired beauty smirked, swaying down the stage. She was the last audition of the day that afternoon stretching into evening.

"I rather liked her," The young writer said,

Erik nodded, "She has a strong voice, and certainly the experience."

"I'm new to the music directorial scene, so you two are my best bet for helping find real talent," Cressida said

They had gone through several auditions within the last week and the callback roster looked promising. Among some of the minor roles left to fill, only a two roles had the production team going back and forth.

"Well with what we've heard, I really do like Ms. Adler's voice to play our Prima Donna." Christian considered. "What do you think?"

Considering the auditions they'd heard among those for Carlotta's role, Irene's was spot on for what was needed.

"I agree," The Opera Ghost replied.

"Hm, and then there's who's lined up to be our Christine?"

"Well, there are a few here that seem promising," Erik mused, mulling over the list.

"This one, Ms. Kelly, has real talent-on the scarier side though," Christian shivered.

"Yes, Ms. Buffay certainly was good." Erik shook his head, "But her high note just seemed lackluster."

"Hm. Well I rather liked this one," Cressida noted, picking up the headshot and scribbled notes attached.

Erik felt his face grow warm glancing back at Mag's photo. He didn't even know she was auditioning until she was escorted in the auditorium.

"I did too," Christian smiled, "Such a voice on her."

"True, true." Turning to the now silent masked maestro, the capitol director said "It's ok to agree Erik. She auditioned fairly like everyone else."

Nodding, Erik smiled "I do think Mag did splendidly, a good sense of pitch."

"Well, no final callbacks until Monday, but I think we're quite unanimous with our castings?"

Jude University's prep for their 'Phantom' production was running smoothly. A week and a half of auditions and they had their cast, Gandalf was kind enough to offer the drama department assistance with the pyrotechnics. And then a surprisingly gracious sum in the form of a cheque was received for funding the show.

"They sent us how much?" Roy asked

"Where did it come from?" Erik poundered

Christian shrugged, "It came from a company, Geno? Geneca?"

"Geneco?" The Opera Ghost scowled, "And why exactly are the Largo's helping fund us?"

"Not sure, but it's rather generous of them."

Erik saw it not so generous and more so suspicious, considering their previous soprano was currently the lead. Perhaps he would need to invoke the dreaded favor with a certain Goblin King for a few protective wards around the auditorium on opening night.

"I can't believe I'm even saying this but..." Erik sighed, as Jareth gave him a cocky smirk "If you do this, I will owe you one."

"You must be worried for Magdalene if you're actually asking me for a favour. Very well, I can do that. In fact, just because of that 'what are friends for' nonsense I'll even do you an extra for free."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm sure a few special effects could go a ways for your show."

"Forget it, you are not going to drench the set in glitter!"

"Glitter free, I promise!"

"Fine fine, I suppose for you that's surprisingly kind of you."

Shortly after coming to agreement with the blond fae, the phone rang in the next room.

"Bonjour?" Erik answered, "Oui? I see, that's splendid. I'll be down sometime this afternoon to pick it up, merci beaucoup."

Almost immediately after which Jareth watched the Opera Ghost hurriedly grab for his coat and hat. "Be back," He mumbled before shutting the door.

Confused by his roommates sudden urgency after that phone call, and feeling deviously bored, the blond fae snapped his fingers.

With a glittery poof, Kipper appeared in the sitting room.

"Yous called Boss Majesty?" The goblin asked

"Yes, my musical spectre of a roommate's just left, follow him with this." Tossing a small crystal to the goblin who just managed to catch it. "So I can listen in."

"Yes Boss Boss!" With yet another magical cloud, Jareth's minion disappeared.


"Should be interesting," Sarah said, taking a seat as she was accompanied by Christine and James. Shilo and Nathan seated just behind them.

"It'll be so great to see Mag sing again dad!" Shilo said excitedly. Nathan just happy to see his little Shi so happy. Though he did miss it as well, when Marni was alive sometimes she and Mag would sing duets together, long before the latter became famous.

Sarah wasn't sure about bring Toby along after how Christine had told her how the story goes. But here he was scootched in the seat beside her as their father dropped him off to her quite literally at the last moment.

"Yes," The commodore agreed, seated next to Sarah, "'Pony was pretty excited when she told me she got a part."

"Seems everyone's gotten involved in the play this year." Christine added in, on the other side of her roommate.

"I'm surprised that they hadn't asked you Chris?" James asked.

"Oh they did, and while I'm happy for Erik, I didn't feel the same way in returning to my 'role'. Even if it is just for the play."

In truth, Christine felt some jealousy, but she'd come to piece with her former mentor moving on with his life and with someone else. She didn't want him to forever be alone and miserable. He already had to go through that once before. So right now the blonde was just focused on staying positive with all going on.

Looking down at the audience, Erik felt anxious. Even though here he was in his element-tailcoat and all-the Opera Ghost felt a strange feeling well up in him.

"What's with that face? I'd think you'd be overjoyed by this," Jareth asked.

"No I am, everything's going well. That's what I'm concerned about," He tensed up. "I don't want my plans falling apart in one night."

"Is this about the play, or is this about the ring?"

Wide eyed, and an itching need to wrap the lasso at Eric's side around Jareth's neck, "How do you know of that?!"

"It's a wonder how useful goblins can be," The blond fae said, twirling a crystal around his palm. "Lovely color by the way."

Erik's eyes narrowed, "I knew I heard some sort of tiny pitter patter following me that day."

"Now now, don't be like that. I just want to help."


"Maybe because one of us has a chance of getting the girl in the end." Jareth mused,

Erik frowned, "But Jareth, you and Sarah are-"

"It's fine." He interrupted. "Now you'd better be getting ready Phantom, your opera's about to start."

For a moment the Opera Ghost felt some sympathy for the Goblin King. Sure Sarah and Jareth were doing, shall he say, better now, it's still wasn't what the Goblin King had hoped for at the end of his story. Just as Erik had felt when Christine had left him for Raoul.


"Sold! Your number Sir? Thank you..."

Erik's attention was diverted to the stage, as the prologue had begun.


"Where in the world have you been hiding? Really you were perfect!" Eponine sang to Mag. She couldn't help but smirk at James as she spied the former commodore in the crowd. James was so enthralled with her voice, not just because he hadn't come from a musical based theme. She was certainly much better than the Tortuga barmaids he'd had the displeasure of hearing.

"I only wished I knew your secret, who is this new tutor?

James wasn't the only one admiring the music, in the wings Erik couldn't take his eyes off his own lady as she put the white dressing gown over her Elyssa dress. He glanced down at the crowd, noticing Christine seated with James and the others. It didn't occur to the Opera Ghost until now that the blonde soprano hadn't quite crossed his mind lately. Not that he stopped caring for her anymore, but it felt different now. It was no longer pent up obsession, but felt like a real friendship. He wondered if Christine felt the same.


"Little Lotte, let her mind wander..."

"You remember that too!"

So far the crowd was quite enthralled since seeing the chandelier remarkably-some even say magically-repair itself as it rose above the stage. Sarah smirked shaking her head, knowing all too well there was some goblin magic at work.

"She's quite good," Christine quietly said, remembering long ago when she sang like that with Raoul. She had to give respect from one soprano to another.

"Father playing the violin"

"As we read each other dark stories of the north."

"No, 'What I loved best,' Lotte Said, 'was when I'm asleep in my bed, and the Angel of Music sings songs in my head."

Mag was ecstatic when she was told she had the soprano lead. She wasn't expecting to be outright handed it, wanting to fairly throw her hat in for the role. And now here she was, being on a stage again felt so freeing.

And in Erik's story of all places.

"I shan't keep you up late. You must change, I must get my hat! Two minutes, Little Lotte..."*

The Vicomte exiting the scene, Mag was left alone on the stage. Or at least appearing to be alone.

"Things have changed Raoul," She said, hearing the orchestration take on a dangerous chord.

"Insolent boy! This slave of fashion, basking in your glory!" Erik sang, his voice booming throughout the auditorium. "Ignorant fool! This brave young suitor, sharing in my triumph!"

From her opera days, Mag was use to being placed in the acting role, but still had to keep her face from showing glee at the sound of his voice and feigning an expression of surprise.

"Angel, I hear you. Speak! I listen. Stay by my side, guide me. Angel, my soul was weak. Forgive me, enter at last master!"

"Flattering child, you shall know me. See why in shadow I hide..."

Christine couldn't help but feel reminiscent, hearing her former mentor reprise his role. She remembered feeling so mezmerized when he finally appeared before her.

"Look at your face in the mirror. I am there inside!" Erik's presence made known, as if appearing out of thin air within the mirror.

Behind stage, Jareth looked amused whilst watching from the side. Twirling his crystals thrice in his palm as they seemed to glisten with fog and the stage seeming to follow suit as a layer of mist cascaded from the now open mirror. Magic was certainly an impressive substitute to fog machines.

"Angel of music, guide and guardian! Grant to me your glory! Angel of music, hide no longer! Come to me strange angel!" Mag sang as she and Erik's eyes met.

"I am your angel of music. Come to me angel of music!" Erik called, as she reached out to him.

Coaxingly Erik gently grasped Mag's outstretched hand leading her through the passage.


Christine did have to admit, their voices were indeed well matched, listening to their duet. It was entrancing watching their performance. And she had to give the Goblin King some credit, whatever magic he was working was breathtaking. The rest of the audience was just as amazed, it looked as though Erik and Mag were truly drifting down a lake.

"And in this labyrinth, where night is blind" They sang together, candelabras rising from the lake mist as the gondola approached.

"The Phantom of the Opera is here, inside my mind."

"The Phantom of the Opera is there, inside your mind."

Stepping out of the boat, Erik helped Mag to her feet as they reached the shore of the lake.

"Sing my angel of music!" The Opera Ghost commanded, removing his cloak and fedora as the raven haired soprano held that last note. "Sing for me!"

"They sound great," James commented.

"Yeah, and Erik looks so happy" Sarah whispered back. "Hey Chris, does- Chris?"

Sarah turned to her blonde roommate, to see Christine's eyes glazed over, swaying to the music. Almost some would say hypnotically ensnared by the sweet sound.

"Nighttime sharpens, heightens each sensation." Erik sensually sang "Darkness wakes and stirs imagination. Silently the senses, abandon their defences. Helpless to resist the notes I write. For I compose the music of the night."*

"Christine?" Sarah asked as her friend seemed to stay entranced. Then she remembered her roommate mentioning something like this might happen here. It reminded the brunette of when she would see Christine sleepwalk toward Erik and Jareth's apartment. Even after Erik stopped intentionally luring the blonde to his room, sometimes he would forget when composing late into the evening hours.*

"Slowly, gently, night unfurls it's splendor. Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender. Hearing is believing, music is decieving. Hard as lightening, soft as candlelight. Dare you trust the music of the night!"

So entranced, Christine clouded thoughts could think of nothing else but to follow her Angel's call.

The brunette could see what could happen next and already came prepared. Taking a pair of earplugs out of her pocket, Sarah placed them in the blonde's ears before she could make a move to stand.

Christine paused, falling out of the trance, the music not echoing so strongly in her head. She felt the earplugs, gesturing to them at Sarah, the latter nodding.

"Sorry," She mouthed, as Christine slumped further in her seat embarrassed that she let it happen again. She'd thought it stopped.

Albeit muffled by the earplugs, the music still leaked through, but dampered enough for the blonde soprano to stay coherent.

"Floating, falling, sweet intoxication," Erik sang, feeling Mag's palm stroke the masked side of his face, "Touch me, trust me. Savour each sensation.

"Let the dream begin! Let your darker side give in! To the power of the music that I write. The power of the music of the night!"
The sheet he grasped fell away, revealing a lifelike mannequin, Mag adorned in a luscious wedding gown.

Seeing it gave the Opera Ghost goosebumps unintentionally feeling the small box in his pocket.

Erik was there to catch her as Mag 'fainted', gently setting her in the gondola, laying his cloak over her like a blanket.

"You alone can make my song take flight," He sang, stroking her cheek, "Help me make the music of the night."

Erik tried not to react hearing the applause, walking away from her to his organ, blaring out haunting notes from his 'Don Juan Triumphant'.

Behind curtain, Jareth could see while peeking out Erik's little gesture when he revealed the mannequin.

"Now will he have the courage to ask her I wonder?" The Goblin King said allowed to himself, being the meddlesome trickster he was. Much of him said no, based on the Phantom's track record. And Jareth said he wanted to help...

"I remember there was mist, swirling mist upon a vast, glassy lake. There were candles all around and on the lake there was a boat. And in the boat there was a man." Mag sang, standing up out of the gondola and approaching Erik-the latter being the die hard composer he was jotting down notes for an aria he had been writing. For him, work never sleeps.

And this was a rather special piece he was working on.

"Who was that shape in the shadows? Whose is that face in the mask?"

Albeit his hand twitched nervously for what was to come next, suddenly feeling his porcelain masked removed. Instinctively he grasped the mauled side of his face.

"NOOO!" He screamed, as she scampered away at his outburst "Damn you! You little prying Pandora! You little demon!

"Is this what you wanted to see?!"
Erik gestured to his face, chasing after her. "Curse you! You little lying Delilah! You little viper! Now you can not ever be free! Damn you! CURSE YOU!"

Sarah frowned listening to Erik's declaration of self loathing, all of this due to his face, something he couldn't control. Did he still feel ashamed? He must have as he was more willing to cover his face when the brunette had walked in on him*.

"Stranger than you dreamt it, can you even dare to look, or bare to think of me? This loathesome gargoyle who burns in Hell! But secretly yearns for Heaven! Secretly, secretly..." Erik sang pitifully, his palm over his face. Old habits sinking in as he anxiously wanted his mask. Trying not to pay mind to so many people. People watching him...

"Fear can turn to love, you'll learn to find the man behind the monster. This repulsive carcass, who seems a beast. But secretly dreams of beauty. Secretly, Secretly. Oh Christine..."


"You will curse the day you did not do! All that the Phantom asked of you!" Erik's voice resounded, the Il Muto actors taking a bow, Mag now adorned as the countess.

"GOOOOOO!" He roared, then bursting into maniacal laughter as the prominent chandelier gave way, rushing toward the stage-some people in the audience so terrified screamed as it came tumbling down. Everyone on stage scrambled out of its path, breakaway glass and pyrotechnics of red practically exploding on stage.

The curtain fell and the applause was thunderous.

Walking down from the balcony set as the curtain closed, Erik joined the rest of the cast backstage.

"Fantastic job guys!" Christian said happily. "I was over the edge seeing the chandelier come down like that."

"Yes, just like magic one might say," Jareth smirked. This and some sneaky goblins he had unrigging the mass of light and glass as the pyro had begun to go off.

Erik felt himself turned around a warm kiss planted on his cheek.

"That was enchanting Erik," Mag smiled, having already removed the poofy countess wig, her raven hair flowing freely.

The Opera Ghost smiled, "You were the one that was enchanting, my dear."

Removing his fedora, Mag placed a hand on his unmarred face, giving him a gentle kiss. Parting Erik nervously cleared his throat, his thoughts going back to the full pocket beneath his cloak. His hand reaching timidly for it.

"I should like to. Well I mean I want to say..." Erik rambled, losing his cool demeanour. "Mag I-"

"I'm sure it can wait!" He heard as the stylists were already on them, "We need you both in costume and ready!"

"Don't mind her, Octavia just a little overexcited when it comes to dressing people up." Cinna remarked, leading Erik to the dressing room where the infamous Red Death costume awaited.

"Perfect! Stunning if I may say so!" Octavia gushed as Mag stood in the dressing room, adorned in the pink blue 'Star Princess' gown-with a few of the stylists personal modifications.

"It's lovely," The raven haired soprano complimented, looking at the reflection staring back at her. Her eyes trailed down to the flower she twirled in her hand. On the table had awaited a red rose, dethorned and an infamous black ribbon tied to the stem.

She set it down on the vanity dresser, and paused. She hadn't noticed it before. Under the rose was a note. The writing, albeit fairly neater than Eric's usual scrawl-though she thought nothing on that-read:*

Mon Amour,

I have a surprise for you when the curtain falls tonight.


She smiled, curious what her masked maestro had in store for her. All the while not noticing the smirking Goblin King hiding in the shadows.


"Bravo Monsieur! Such spirited words!" Erik cackled, hurling a ball of fire at Raoul.

"More tricks Monsieur?!" He called, holding Mag back protectively.

'Well magic I suppose,' The Phantom thought to himself. In his cloak Erik had concealed crystals, lapping flames encased in the orbs and-thanks to some of Gandalf's handywork-exploded upon contact with the stage. ("Completely harmless of course!" The wizard had reassured them humbly.)

"Let's see Monsieur how far you dare go!" He exclaimed, throwing another sphere fireball.

"More deception! More violence!"

"That's right Monsieur! Keep walking this way!"

"You can't win her love by making her your prisoner!

"I'm here Monsieur! The Angel of Death! Come on! Come on! Don't stop!" More flames in tow as the couple fled the stage graveyard. Eric sneered menacingly, "So be it! Now let it be war, UPON YOU BOTH!"

A final explosion of fire, the Opera Ghost exited as the scene transitioned.

He sighed, "I may have gotten a little carried away there."

"Fire's not exactly the way I do things, but for you that's different." Jareth remarked. "Saw your rather awkward encounter with Ms. Defoe. Do you really expect to get your point across with that attitude O.G?"

Erik scowled, "Not a word out of you Goblin King. I'm just...just looking for the right moment is all."

"Fine fine," The masked maestro sighed.

"And you're going to need it since she'll be expecting something now."

"What do you mean?"

With the flick of the wrist, a note appeared in Jareth's hand, giving it to Erik.

The latter scanned over it, eyes going wide with murderous intent in the blond's direction. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!" He exclaimed, punjab in hand-fortunately Jareth was smart enough to obey the whole 'hand at the level of your eyes.' "It wasn't your business to meddle!"

"You wanted an opportunity, well I gave you one." Removing the red lasso. "Just relax Erik! You love her right?"

Refixing the rope back around his waist, he nodded. "Of course."

"Then calm down, don't blow this chance." Jareth reassured his masked friend, handing him a paper cup of water.

"I'm sorry, I know you're just trying to help. I suppose I'm just...well."

"Worried of rejection," Jareth said rather than asked.

Erik sighed sadly, "It wouldn't be the first time it's happened to me." His temper calmed down he took a sip.

"Drink the rest, you look dreadful."

Gulping the rest, Erik waited eagerly for his next cue, not noticing the empty vial Jareth disposed of with the now empty cup. It took some work to defer Severus' protection ward over his potions cabinet, but the Goblin King was able to swipe a sample of the all too infamous 'Liquid Luck'.

'He'll need it,' The blond thought guiltless as prior to handing Erik the cup had dumped the potions clear contents into it.


Pulling the hood further over his head, Erik felt exhilarated, as if he could do anything. The Opera Ghost couldn't understand why he felt such nervous jitters before!


"Passarino, go away for the trap is set and waits for it's prey" He said with confidence.

"You have come here in pursuit of your deepest urge. In pursuit of that wish which till now has been silent. Silent. The Opera Ghost sang seductively. "I have brought you, that our passions may fuse and merge. In your mind you've already succumbed to me. Dropped all defenses, completely succumbed to me. Now you are here with me, no second thoughts. You've decided, decided.

"Past the point of no return, no backward glances. The games we've played 'till now are at an end! Past no thought of if or when. No use resisting. Abandon thought and let the dream descend..."

Watching from afar the potion effects were apparent, the Opera Ghost's demeanour fuelled with passion, whooshing over to Mag adorned as Aminta. As he sang, the passion felt infectious as the raven haired soprano joined him in this duet.

She swayed and waltzed across the stage out of his grasp only to be pursued. Capturing her within his arms Mag could feel Erik's wandering hands run up her bodiced waist.

"Past the point of no return, the final threshold. The bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn! We've passed the point of no return..." They sang together, as Mag revealed the Phantom in hiding beneath the hood.

"Say you'll share with me one love, one liftime. Lead me, save me from my solitude..." Erik sung softly. Removing the ring he wore, slipping on her ringfinger. How he wanted to give her the one in his pocket. But not here... "Say you want me with you here, beside you."

Mag felt a fluttering in her chest, reminiscent of that same song they sang when they met.* But it was this point here that gave her that well up of uneasiness. Erik was sensitive of his mask, remembering low long it was before he let her see his face. And so she hated what she had to do.

"Anywhere you go let me go too!" Erik sang, loud and dominating, Mag's hands in his. "Christine, that's all I ask of-"

And pulling her hands away she reached up removing the wig and mask.

"NOOOOOO!" Erik shrieked, his face bare for all to see. Granted most in the audience were oblivious that it was real. Christine glanced away guiltily, remembering that night when she did the same to him.

With a snarl, he gripped her wrist, dropping a pyro crystal as they disappeared in a plume of red fire and smoke.


"You patience," Erik growled standing from the throne chair, glaring down at her, resisting the strange impulsive urge to swoop down and take her in his arms. Mag, adorned in a white wedding dress and veil, groveled at his feet, the lasso around the fop's neck. "Make your choice."

The dark haired soprano rose up, slowly approaching him, "Pitiful creature of darkness. What kind of life have you known? God gave me courage to show you, you are not alone!" And so making her choice with a kiss, her hands grasping Erik's suit lapel pulling him closer.

All he wanted to do was melt at her touch, but he had to appear the part of startled, and was motionless and wide eyed at Mag's advance. But when she brought him in for another kiss, he couldn't stop himself from timidly-or rather this was Erik holding himself back-bringing his arms around her.

Releasing the noosed Vicomte Erik turned away from them, "Take her, forget me, forget all of this." Monotone he instructed, the mob drawing near. "Leave me alone! Forget all you've seen! Go now, don't them find you. Take the boat, swear to me never to tell the secret you know...of this angel of hell!"

That part of him that remembered so much of this cringe, all of the raw emotion spilling out. The hurt in his voice even striking hard with the crew behind stage.

"GO!" Erik shouted pitifully, dropping to his knees. "GO NOW AND LEAVE ME!"

Mag slowly back on stage, her hand fumbling with the ring she held.

"Masquerade..." Erik mumbled, "Paper faces on parade. Masquerade, hide your face so the world...can never find you."

Glancing up, she slumped down to where he was knelt over.

"Christine, I love you" He sang, his voice crackly. Mag kissed the ring, leaning over to kiss Erik's marred face. She fumbled with the ring in her hand

And as the vengeful mob reached the shores of the underground lake, Raoul and I fled the Opera de Paris. Leaving the Phantom behind us... * Sarah remembered Christine telling her when they met. And to see her and Erik's story come alive it was just so sad.

But even though Mag knew her queue was to return the ring and leave, she was still rooted to her spot. Placing the ring on her ringfinger received a quizzical look from Erik. She outstretched her hand to him, cautiously staying in character he accepted it and was helped to his feet.

"Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime." She sang, taking his hands in hers.

The Opera Ghost didn't quite understand what was happening, but the look in her eyes told him this story was about to change.

"Say the word, and I will follow you," Erik joined in, it felt just like the day they sung together in his apartment. Her voice all the more exquisite to his ears.

"Share each day with me. Each night, each morning,"

"You alone can make my song take flight!" He had thought he would be alone and defeated by this point. Even though Erik's story had already come and gone, even for this show something about the outcome being changed felt so good. "It's over now, the music of the night!"

Improvising his escape, no longer leaving alone, Erik had another trick. He was aware of where the trapdoor on the stage was from the Masquerade. Gently taking Mag over to the particular spot, Erik dropped a remaining pyro crystal he still had, tapping a small latch with his heel they vanished beneath the trapdoor.  

The audience applauded, the clapping emanating throughout the auditorium.

Emerging from the trapdoor behind stage Erik received an ovation.

"That sounded so sad and beautiful Erik!" Eponine said agape, returning from the stage, removing the wig she was wearing as Meg. Even though he had shown his bare face to an entire audience, Erik still felt the impulsive the bring his hand over the mangled side. Understanding, Eponine handed him the porcelain mask she retrieved in the final scene, "Yours."

Feeling self conscious and uncomfortable still without it, Erik accepted the mask turning away so as to readjust it to his face. Stepping aside to fetch and reapply the wig, the Opera Ghost sighed, taking a seat.

He then felt arms encircle over his shoulders, he turned to see Mag smiling back at him.

"What happened back there?" Erik asked.

"I can't change what happened to your story in the past, but even just to pretend I thought you might like a happier ending."

Erik stared with delighted awe, He pulled her into his arms, "I already have my happy ending, ever since that day in the elevator when I met you."

They pulled away as they were brought back to stage. The cast trickling back on stage, taking their final bows. Hand in hand Erik and Mag sneaking away from the crowd once they were back behind the curtain.

He smiled, "I suppose now everyone is going to the cast party."

"Yes, but I don't feel up to it myself" She said.

Shaking his head, "Neither do I, what would you say to leaving early?"

"I say lead on good sir," Mag smiled, taking his offered arm.

Saying goodnight to the others, Erik and Mag departed. Still adorned in his black cloak and fedora, he boldly draped an arm around her shoulder during the moonless walk back.

"You were superb out there," The masked maestro said, as they entered Mag's apartment.

"It felt wonderful to be on stage again," She beamed, "And even more so with your music."

"But your voice is what brought it to life, mademoiselle." He complimented.

"Play for me?" Mag asked stroking her palm against his unscathed cheek.

Taking her hand in his own, Erik walked them to the baby grand in the sitting room. Both seated on the bench, his fingers glided across the keys.

"There is actually a piece in particular I had in mind." Erik smirked, removing pieces of parchment from in his cloak. Propping it up on the stand, Mag could see the handwritten sheet music. And lyrics accompanying it, written in Erik's red-albeit messier-hand writing.*

"If I ever fall in love again,

It would be with someone just like you.

I said I would never fall in love again

But on that night you came my way, I knew.

If I ever fell in love again,

This is just the way it was meant to be,

And if this is really love again,

I'll not leave it to chance, I'd rather see it through with you."

Mag was taken aback. It was a beautiful piece, the lyrics, the notes, all were breathtaking. And Erik's voice made the music all the more breathtaking and soothing.

"But now I know

When my head was saying no,

But my heart's telling me that it's real

I feel no wrong,

If I burst into song,

At the wonder of feeling the way that I suddenly feel"

'Oh Erik,' She thought it was so clear as the music drifting through the air in her ears. He had written this for her.

"If I ever fell in love again,

I would know exactly what to do.

And now I've fallen in love again.

And I know it must be only with you"

Erik poured his soul into the music, his fingers dancing across the piano keys

"The way that I suddenly feel!"

The adrenaline and passion fuelling the surge flowing through the masked maestro as he sang.

"Having now fallen in love again,

I now know exactly what to do.

Admitting I'm in love again.

I cannot see a future without you"

His song complete, Erik's hands rested at his side, looking to Mag for her approval.

"Erik, that was beautiful. I must say the composer is truly gifted with his craft."

Erik felt modest receiving such praise.

"Yes, and he has wonderful inspiration. That of someone who's soul is just as beautiful as her voice."

He had to do it, had to say to her what he had been wanting to all night.

"You said that were it you that night that you wouldn't have left me."

His hand fumbled in his pocket, finding the box he dropped down off the bench to kneel before her on one knee.

"Would you have married me?" Erik asked, opening the box, revealing a gold banded ring, jewelled with a deep red ruby wrapped along a contrasting deep blue sapphire. The Shah of Persia gifted him with many shimmering gifts as appreciation for his malicious 'talents'. Having many precious pieces to choose from Erik selected the most vibrant, crafting the ring himself for nights when he wasn't composing, having the two jewels fused to the ring, finally only needing it to be properly sized.

"I don't see you as I do Christine, I see you as far more than that. You don't make me feel so alone in the night, and have made my music and my wretched soul come alive. So I ask you mademoiselle Magdalene Defoe, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"

Mag's hands pressed over where her heart was, as it thumped like loud beating drums seeing him go to one knee. Men had asked for her hand in the past. But out of want for money or fame at wedding Geneco's top soprano. But never was it out of love, like she could see in Erik's mismatched eyes.

Her legs giving way she crouched at his level and bringing her hands to either side of his face, Mag nodded.

"Yes Erik! I will, I will marry you!" She happily said shakily, gracing his lips with a passionate kiss.

The expression upon Erik's face when she pulled back was absolute joy. His hands trembling-attempting to steady his excitement-he slid the ring onto Mag's onto her finger, a perfect fit.

God could strike him down here and now and he would die a happy man.

Sometime later, returning to the apartment, Erik closed the door, leaning against it as it clicked closed.

"She said yes. Ce n'est pas quelque chose de fantastique.../This isn't some igment fantasy"* He said aloud to no one in particular, Erik felt as though he were going to weep from the warm joy he felt.


"I told you!" He heard next, followed by a cloud of glitter. "And it only took some forgery and a potion to get you to say it."

"Jareth blabbed to us," James confessed, "But that's great news!"

"Yes, must congratulate the both of you," Javert nodded stoically.

The three then finally took in Erik's blank expression as he turned the main light on. Due to the Goblin King's sparkly poofing in, the Opera Ghost was coated head to toe in glitter.

"Jareth," Erik said stiffly,

"Merde" Javert groaned as James grimaced, both men knowing full well what was to come now.

"Now hold on!" The Goblin King said, defensively holding his open palms in front of himself, "I can't always help appearing and going where I please, besides it'll wash out-"

But he stopped feeling Erik grasp his forearm in a friendly gesture.

"Thank you." The Opera Ghost said, just as quickly releasing Jareth and stalking back towards his room.

The three men exchanged looks with each other.

"I gave him ten minutes before he snaps out of his love daze and strangles you when he sees all of that glitter." Javert remarked.

"I say fifteen," James chipped in.

Suddenly the door to Erik's room flew open, the Phantom staring murderous daggers holding up the aforementioned glittery cloak and hat.

"JARETH!" The masked man roared with rage.

"Or five seconds," Jareth cringed.

Footnote time!

*See "Roommates" pages 320 to 328

*This a slightly alternate version of "Music of the Night" that I suspect may have been a demo version as Michael Crawford is the only Phantom rendition I can find a video of singing this (to which I say look this version up, it's just as beautiful as the original!)

*See "Girls Next Door" page 137

*If you read Leroux's book, it's noted that Erik doesn't have particularly neat penmanship-hence Jareth's neatly written forged note standing out-and that he also writes in red ink.

*Reference to another ErikxMag story I wrote "Duet"

*See "Girls Next Door" page 2

*Again Erik's bad handwriting is bad lol

*I confess I use Google translate, so if any French I use isn't accurate, I apologize.

*The song Erik sings/plays for Mag is "If I Ever Fall in Love Again" By Sarah Brightman (No irony was intended! Didn't realize it was SB until after I had started writing it in XD though I altered the lyrics from the original song in a few verses)

And so many character references! Let's see if you can recognise them all!
New Production
So yet another Roommates story, specifically ErikxMag again. Ah my favorite crossover pairing in this series. So this year St Jude U is puting on a production of "Phantom of the Opera" and ask of Erik some involvement in the show. And at the same time, the Opera Ghost has been giving much thought about where he and Mag's relationship stands.   

Erik and Christine belongs to Leroux and Webber.
Jareth, Toby, and Sarah belong to Henson, Lucas, Bowie and Connelly.
Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
Javert and Eponine belong to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.
Mag, Shilo, and Nathan belong to Smith, Zdunich, and Bousman.
'Roommates' universe belongs to :iconasherhyder:

As there are so many more referenced characters I'm just going to be lazy and say the rest of the additionally mentioned belong to their rightful creators.
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Your Obedient Servant, O.G
Back at the drawing board...err book. And with my Phan phase coming back I thought what better way to kick it off then a drawing. So here's my swing at drawing Michael Crawford's version of Erik from Phantom of the Opera.

Original image reference --->…
It was ten minutes to nine that morning. Normally Erik Destler by this point during his weekend off would be locked away in his room composing.

But instead the masked maestro was pacing rather impatiently in the sitting room.

Jareth sighed, watching his roommate. "She'll show up, don't overreact."

Still Erik kept pacing back and forth methodically. It was obvious to the Goblin King that Erik was completely hung up on this woman. Ever since he, James, and Javert watched the two exit the elevator together the other day. Something about the way the masked man spoke to her and she to him. And the lack of arias drifting through the quiet air, and his roommates anxiousness doubled that suspicion.

And even moreso the fact that Jareth was still lounged in his boxers, draped across the couch, and hadn't heard a single protest of 'indecency' from the Frenchman.

"It's one date." The blond tried to enforce, it wasn't natural for Erik to be so on edge. And with his not so spotless track record, worrying would not help matters at all.

"I fail to have ever stated that my meeting with Ms. Defoe was ever a date." The Opera Ghost finally spoke up.

"Are you going to be meeting with anyone else?"


"So you'll be alone?"


"Do you think she's attractive?"

"Well yes, but I hardly understand how-"

"Sounds like a date."

Erik scowled, but even with the Goblin King's pestering, was he right? Could he, the Phantom of the Opera be waiting on a date? It just seemed so improbable to even consider.

Why? Oh yes, because clearly things are going so well with you and Christine. Has she invited you to the wedding yet?

He tried to ignore that snide voice in the back of his mind.

She's moved on, maybe it's your turn too! Much has changed.

Indeed things had. Jareth was hardly the type Erik ever expected to be a flatmate with-if he were to ever imagine living in such a place-the Goblin King was no Daroga that was certain. But while childish and aggravating the blond could be, in a bizarre sense, Jareth's company was enjoyable to a degree. And albeit the commodore and inspector were an odd pair as well, the Opera Ghost was starting to feel a sort of kindled spirit with the three men becoming more a part of his life in this new world.

Erik was brought out of his clouded thoughts as a resounding knock echoed into the sitting room of the apartment. Erik was overly anxious as to whether or not she would come. He could feel his heart flutter with nervousness and anticipation as he stopped pacing and walked to the door. To say the least he was indeed nervous.

"Well are you going to answer?" Jareth asked, leaning his head on the back of the couch.

With a long sigh Erik opened the door, and there she was standing there. She did look just as radiant as she had that rainy afternoon, even moreso seeing her without her hood up.

"Good morning mademoiselle Defoe," He greeted.

"Good morning Erik, I hope I'm not too late?" Mag politely asked

"Not at all, perfect timing actually." He paused, unsure what to say next. He turned to where Jareth was lounging on the couch, whom simply smirked and with a fingers snap vanished in a cloud of glitter. "Did you want to come in? We can go to a more suitable place if you prefer?"

"Oh no here is alright if you'll have me, thank you." Walking in, Erik guided her to the sitting room. Mag had often thought of the possibility of regaining her eyesight, even now feeling vulnerable without such a sense. But the dark haired soprano felt very at ease with this man. Something about him, they did have some time whilst trapped in the elevator to get to know each other, not long but even still.

"I appreciate you wishing to see me again Magdalene." Erik said, gently guiding her to the now vacant couch to have a seat-steering clear of the cushion now covered in glitter.

She smiled at how formal he was, "Please, just Mag is perfectly fine. And I was quite happy to get your call! I was hoping our first meeting would not be the last."

"As was I mademoiselle, could I offer you some tea?" He asked, filling the tea kettle

"Yes, thank you."

Both seated, two cups of steaming earl grey tea held, Erik tried to let the words come out but could say nothing. What should he say? Should he ask more about her? Some remark on the weather? Fortunately the masked man did not need to.

"So you mentioned doing work at St. Jude?" Mag asked, sipping her tea.

"Oui, I've just been given a position teaching advanced music theory and technique at the university." He explained.

"Interesting, have you been teaching very long?"

"In the classroom scene no. I did, shall we say, give private singing lessons before this." Erik paused, he was not about to lie to Mag about his past, but was it wise to bring this up? If he hoped to find some common ground with her, it would have to come up eventually. "I must confess to you mademoiselle, I feel I should tell you I haven't exactly been a...well mannered music instructor in the past."

"And what do you mean?"

Granted he didn't spout off from Overture to the very end, but more or less explained to Mag his previous lessons with Christine, how things didn't turn out as he had expected, between the presence of the Vicomte, going even going as far as to mention his own malicious acts.

"A stagehand, and then a cast member you say?" Mag asked, listening intently.

Erik sighed, "There were others before that. Not necessarily by my own hand, anyone fool enough to fall into one of my traps, some that had to be silenced so that I could stay hidden. But as far as that story goes, yes. There may have been a concierge killed when the chandelier fell."

"And you made it fall?"

"Yes. I'm sorry if I must come off as rather horrid to you, but it did not seem very fair to pull the wool over your eyes." Erik's eyes widened at what he'd just said. "I'm so sorry Magdalene! I didn't mean to say that, it was insensitive of me!"

Surprisingly he heard her chuckle, "Think nothing of it Erik, I've heard much worse. As for what you've told me, I understand. But you seem to have left the past in the past. I don't like to judge on what happened then while we're living in the here and now. After all, we are not without skeletons in our closets."

The Opera Ghost was at a loss for words. Never had anyone he just met been so accepting of what he'd done.

"I do appreciate your sentiment Mag," Erik said, feeling a smile grace his lips. "Again I feel I must apologise though, I mean-"

A hand held up she shook her head, "It's quite alright, after what happened I'm use to it."

He frowned, looking at the bandages that concealed where her eyes should be. He wondered if they were blue, or green, perhaps hazel?

"And even now you wear a mask?" Mag asked,

Erik's hand drifted up to his face, "What with the buildings latest tenants, my wearing a piece of porcelain is hardly unusual to the others. But to let anyone see my face...I'm sure if you could see it mademoiselle you would agree."

"But I can't,"

Erik felt a delicate hand on his shoulder, and felt it move up to his face. With her touch Mag could feel the unscathed skin and then drifting her hand to the other side feeling the cold porcelain of his mask. Erik couldn't help the warm shiver he felt at her gentle touch.

"A half mask?"

"Since adapting from the book you see."

"Ah," Mag said, her finger tips just grazing warm skin under the mask.

"I... I uh...that's-" Erik stammered, force of habit bringing his hand over the mask and in turn over Mag's nimble fingers.

"I'm sorry," She dropped her hand back down to her lap.

"Not at all, I understand." Erik paused, "I'll get some more tea."

Standing in the kitchen, the Opera Ghost's mind was somewhere else. She almost unmasked him! How could he let her get that close?

You weren't exactly pushing her away. Maybe you wanted her to be.

Only Christine had ever gotten this close, but that wasn't like this. Wasn't so...willingly.

His attention was brought back to the present hearing a soft sound from the sitting room. Mag missed the stage, albeit the only thing about Geneco she missed. And more often than not found herself singing to no one in particular. Just an urge to let it out.

"You're quite talented Mag," Erik said, once again seated. "I couldn't help hearing you earlier. It was lovely but I don't recognise the aria."

"An older piece of work the Largos-my previous employers-put together for me to sing," She explained. "You've told me your story Erik, it seems fair to tell you mine if you'll listen."

Erik's shock he wasn't sure came from either hearing of such an R-rated history or that Magdalene had to live in such a reality.

"I can't be too angry with Nathan at least, he did have a change of heart about taking the job." The dark haired soprano said. "And the past is behind me. I'm happy at least to have Shilo in my life again."

"Does the girl sing as well? Sounds like she thinks very highly of you." Erik asked

"A self taught learner. Though that's not to say she doesn't have talent and she's not too old to learn. Geneco took me in for my voice when I was about her age."

The masked maestro cleared his throat,"If I could ask you?"


"Would I be able to trouble you for an aria?"

Mag smiled, her cheeks feeling warm at the request, "You want to hear me sing?"

Music was close to her heart, and she could feel for this man it was too.

Clearing her throat, Mag let her body relax as the music practically drifted through the air like heavy mist.

Midnight, not a sound on the pavement

Has the moon lost her memory

She is smiling alone

In the lamplight, the withered leaves collect at my feet, and the wind begins to moan.

Erik was speechless as he listened to the soprano. She had an exquisite voice! He had heard a lovely snippet of her music in the elevator, but had no idea just how talented Mag was to harness such a voice.

Touch me

It's so easy to leave me

All alone with my memory

Of my days in the sun

If you touch me

You'll understand what happiness is

Look a new day has begun

The song finished, Mag asked "What did you think? I know it wasn't my best, but it's been sometime since my days at the opera."

The Opera Ghost chuckled, "No no, it was perfect! You don't give yourself enough credit."

"You're quite the charmer Erik," Mag smiled.

"I know talent when I hear it," Erik paused, the gears turning in his mind. "Perhaps, if you were willing to, you could help me with something?"

"What would that be?"

"I've been writing a new score, but I have no one that is as musically inclined that can perform it quite the way I want."

"I see," The offer was enticing, and Mag was quite curious to hear the music he could write. "What about Christine? You had said since coming here you two are on better terms?"

"Well, she is quite good-I of all people know this. But she's been far too busy with her classes, and this piece I'm not sure exactly fits Christine's leitmotif."

Mag had no sort of ill will towards the girl, only knowing what Erik told her about Ms. Daee. But the fact that this masked maestro was asking her for her voice over his former pupil's was flattering.

"I would be very honoured. But I must ask, you don't perform your own work?" She asked

Erik shrugged, "This piece could use a gentler touch to mine. I don't have the voice for it."

"If I help you, perhaps you could show me what you do have the voice for?"

Erik smiled at the proposal, for someone asking him to sing.


"How long have they been in there?" James asked, indicating to the closed bedroom door on the right. Even with the door closed the boys could hear Erik's pipe organ at work, and a female voice on the other side.

"Too long," Jareth sighed, not that he had a problem with Magdalene's singing, but having to listen to Erik's insufferable instrument for hours on end. The Goblin King could only take hiding out in the castle with only his goblin subjects for company for so long. It had been a few weeks since Erik and Mag had begun to form a tight knit companionship. More and more the Phantom played host to Mag's company. And when she was over, Erik's door would close and the apartment was filled with music. And the boys soon noticed a certain spring in the Opera Ghost's step nowadays, never had they seen Erik so...happy.

"Can't you make him stop due to noise complaints?" The blond asked Javert.

"No one's made such complaints in the building,"

"What about me?!"

While no one complained, many of building 42's residence were entranced by the the symphony.

"I told you! She's great isn't she?" Shilo raved to Sarah as she could hear Mag's voice through the air duct in the apartment.

"Yeah, she's really good," Sarah agreed, but looking over to Christine who sat silently next to them, she could see was not looking happy. "Chris-"

"Don't." The blonde said flatly, getting up toward her room.

Shilo frowned sadly, "I don't understand? I thought she and Erik were okay now?"

Sarah heard the door slam closed leaving the two alone in the sitting room. Sure she could see why Christine might feel uncomfortable. Hearing Erik's music with someone else's voice.

As the building listened on, the tune changed as the organ pipes fell silent. And now it wasn't just sounding like Mag's voice alone anymore downstairs.

It was too entrancing not to listen to for any in the building that night. Even those that tried not to.

The last few weeks had been the best Mag had had in a long time.

Being away from the stage so long had been depressing for her, even if she didn't show it in front of Shilo. Nathan saw it, he tried to help her find something, any opportunities but nothing. Mag insisted he didn't have to, that she needed a break. But really it was something she ached for again. Singing distracted her from how lonely she felt. Even now that Nathan was allowing she and Shilo to have some long overdue time together, Mag hadn't felt whole.

So when she met Erik, it felt like she had found what was missing in her life. He was peculiar, but such a gentleman, charming in his own strange way. Erik had blood on his hands, but he hadn't been consumed by it. But he was very reserved, so shy, she remembered how frigid and tense he was when he finally let her remove his mask. She could not see with her eyes but feel the distortion and disfigurement Erik felt he had to hide. After all that Mag had seen, her fingers tracing over Erik's face, it really wasn't that horrible.

And when she heard his music. He had sat her down and began to play, Eric enjoyed playing the pipe organ, sometimes even the violin. He was quite the musical genius. But his voice was what enthralled her, she only ever dreamed of singing along side such a voice. And she wanted to do just that.

Erik's feeling had been just the same in turn. Even if Christine were not so busy, he knew things could not be the way they once were. And something about Mag, he felt like he could truly be himself around her. Even knowing who he was, she wasn't afraid of him. The fact that she wasn't disgusted or even scared when she touched him without the mask. She reshaped his world and his music.

Erik smiled at Mag, seated at the bench by the pipe organ. Gently grasping her hand, he helped her to her feet.

Taking a breather in, Erik began.

No more talk of loneliness

Forget these wide-eyed fears

I'm here, nothing will harm you

My words will warm and calm you

Let me be your freedom

Let moonlight dry your tears

I'm here, with you, beside you

To guard you and to guide you

Mag smiled, letting the sweet sound drift through her head. She looked forward to these nights. Clearing her throat Mag joined Erik in their duet.

Say you love me every waking moment

Turn my head with talk of winter nights

Say you need me with you now and always

Promise me that all you say is true

That's all I ask of you

Outside, the boys could hear everything. The walls were certainly anything but soundproof.

"That song," James said,

"And that voice." Javert remarked,

"What do you mean?" The commodore asked, not seeing the significance.

"Crawford," Jareth said. "Guess this answers my question about Christine."

James glanced at the blond with concern, "Do you think she knows?"

"If she didn't before I'm quite sure she does now." The Goblin King remarked, aware the sound was travelling through the walls.

Let me be your shelter

Let me dim harsh light

You're safe, no one will find you

Your fears are far behind you

The song hit a sensitive nerve, even with his own tweaks to it, it brought back memories for Erik. Albeit some were unpleasant, but their duet felt freeing. Unknowingly Erik's hand grazed along Mag's, and she drew him closer interlocking their fingers.

All I want is freedom

A world of eternal night

And you, always beside me

To hold me and to hide me

Even below, the girls were entranced by the melody.

"They sound amazing!" Shilo said with awe.

Sarah nodded, "Yeah."

Getting up from her seat she knocked on Christine's door.

"You alright Chris?" She asked, "If it's bothering you we can ask them to stop? I'm sure Erik wasn't tr-"

"Sarah, please just go away. It's fine, let them be." The blonde answered back on the other side.

Then say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime

Lead me save me from my solitude

Say you want me with you, here beside you

Anywhere you go, let me go too

Love me, that's all I ask of you

Christine just didn't understand what she was feeling at the moment. While they had their history, she thought of Erik as a dear friend, and wanted him to be happy. Clearly from what she-and everyone else-could hear he was quite happy. He was moving on with someone as the blonde soprano had for Raoul.

So then why was there a feeling of bitterness, perhaps jealousy building up in her? Sure the song was very dear to her, she could easily be angry for Erik to use it. But this bitterness being over a song? No, it just wasn't it.

Perhaps because Erik had only ever sung this way for Christine. He could throw his voice, alter it however he pleased, sing as any of his renditions. Yet he chose to use this one, use it for another.

Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime

Say the word and I will follow you.

Share each day with me

Each night, each morning

Two voices singing together as one, Erik and Mag were lost in the passion of their melody. Mag let herself be pulled closer to him, bringing her hands up along his shoulders and up to cup his face. Erik let his arms encircle her waist, his hand tracing along the small of her back and the other stroking her soft raven hair.

Say you love me! Mag sang, her left hand gently prying away Erik's mask she could feel against her palm.

You know I do! Erik was mildly startled when she took off his mask. But for once he didn't care so much about that right now.

Love me, that's all I ask of you

What he cared about right now was the feeling of Mag leaning ever more closer. And when she could get no closer, she pressed her pristine lips against his own. This wasn't a forced kiss, Erik felt his eyes flutter closed knowing this was real. Truly there was someone that he could share his love for and that would willingly show him love back. And Magdalene was she!

Their kiss broke after what to the Opera Ghost felt was a blissful eternity.

Anywhere you go, let me go too!

Love me, that's all I ask of you

Their duet concluded, Erik looped his arms around Mag. She leaned her head against his shoulder as they stood there embraced, neither wishing to let go.

Everyone who hears the music that day is moved by its beauty. They pause, entranced by ethereal voices. It's as if angels descended for a duet. All who listen have their hearts lightened by the wonder of it. All but one...

Several little footnotes:

In page 97 I like to think Erik and Mag sing "All I Ask of You", and Michael Crawford being my favorite Phantom I like to imagine Erik using his voice for the duet he has with Mag-and the fact that Sarah Brightman plays Mag adds all the more to that mental image in my opinion. And what better reason for Christine to feel so jealous? So that's my take on what they sing together.

Obviously some of the lyrics I changed, Erik leans more towards the night than the light, so I gave him a more Phantom-y version so to speak.

The song Mag sings for Erik is "Memory" by Sarah Brightman
So for those of you reading, this is set between pages 96 and 97 of Roommates. I love the idea of Erik and Mag as a pairing, so I may write a little more with these two-yes a fanfiction about a fan comic XD. I may make this a series of drabbles, who can say.

So as far as disclaimers go for all those mentioned in this story:

Erik and Christine belong to Leroux and Webber.
Jareth and Sarah belong to Henson, Lucas, Bowie and Connelly.
Norrington belongs to Disney, Bruckheimer, and Davenport.
Javert belongs to Hugo, Boublil, Schonberg, and Kretzmer.
Mag and Shilo belong to Smith, Zdunich, and Bousman.

The Roommates universe belongs to :iconasherhyder:



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